Business Litigation

Our firm has qualified litigation attorneys with experience collecting a variety of debts. We are proficient in dealing with multiple areas of debt recovery, including secured debts, unsecured personal debts, commercial debts, mechanic’s liens, and money owed after a judgment has been entered (keep in mind, just because a Judge orders an individual or corporation to pay does not mean the money is readily available – sometimes property attachments, bank levies, and wage attachments/garnishments are needed to be initiated or defended).

Other legitimate ways of recovering debts can include attaching assets prior to obtaining a judgment (to prevent an adverse party from hiding assets during litigation), establishing that an individual has improperly co-mingled funds with a corporation (a piercing of the corporate veil to bring an individual as a defendant), and contesting bankruptcy protection with challenges to various discharge attempts. excels in representing both publicly and privately held corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and other entities and individuals in general business litigation. We have a broad range of experience handling contract, trade secret, intellectual property, securities and business-tort litigation. Clients turn to the firm when a deal or a partnership has soured, when complex arrangements are disrupted, when intellectual assets or corporate secrets have been misappropriated, or when their interests are otherwise in jeopardy. Stakeholders in privately held corporations and partnerships also engage us for representation in internal disputes over control, valuation, fiduciary duties, and distribution of assets.

Clients find the firm’s aggressive, personal, and exacting approach second to none. We are trial lawyers with extensive experience in business litigation, mediation and national and international arbitration.

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