Business Formation Starting a new business is never easy and deciding what type of business entity you should set up depends on a variety of circumstances. For example, your business may wish to change its corporate structure in order to take advantage of certain tax laws. offers efficient and speedy service in entity formation due to our years of experience. From the formation of a partnership to incorporation, we not only help you form and start your business, but we offer guidance and counsel to help your business thrive in its chosen entity formation.

“What’s the appropriate business “vehicle” through which to operate; should I be a sole proprietorship, or should I incorporate or form an LLC?” The right decision will be based around concepts of personal protection from the liabilities of the entity, as well as the tax treatment afforded. Each business form offers advantages and disadvantages to its members, so understanding the pros and cons of each is critical to making an informed decision. will guide your business formation decision toward the most favorable for operating your artistic venture. The following breakdown discusses the basic forms of business entities.