Illinois Deed in Trust and Mortgages: A Comparison

Illinois allows the use of both a deed of trust and a mortgage. Illinois is a lien-theory state. Mortgages are considered to be liens against the property and the vast majority of the liens in Illinois are mortgages. When a … Continue reading

Setting up a Will in Illinois

A will is a legal document that describes who receives your probate property after death. There are certain statutory requirements that must be met in order for your will to be valid. Therefore, you should contact a trust and estates … Continue reading

5 Things New Parents Should Think About

So you did it. Procreation. The whole circle of life thing. Congratulations. Welcome to the world of grown-ups. As a fellow member of that prestigious group, I know you have a lot of things on your mind. The crying, the … Continue reading

Estate Planning Healthcare Directives: Cross This Off Your To-Do List

We spend a lot of time crossing things off our exhaustive to-do lists: shuffling kids to practice, visiting the dentist, shopping for groceries, cooking healthy meals, sitting the family down for dinner (or attempting to!). We’re always on the go, … Continue reading